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What People are   saying...

Joining GrapeTree was more than just a job to me. I feel like I have added on to my extended family. I have enjoyed getting out to different facilities, learning new things and making new friendships. GrapeTree came to me as a blessing during a very rough year. I can't wait to add more happy experiences and times with the company. I appreciate you all!

Jaime | CNA

I have worked with a lot of agency companies the past 15 years. GrapeTree is #1 in my opinion when it comes to accountability for their staff showing up for a scheduled shift. We have less call-ins due to their system. Thank you for that!

Laura | Scheduler | GrapeTree Client

This year, I was able to stop working for a company that didn't appreciate any of the hard work I did for them and start working for GrapeTree. I haven't been this happy since my children were born! Thank you for being such an amazing company.

Erica | CNA

I am extremely happy and satisfied with GrapeTree and the staff they send to assist with our staffing shortages. We will definitely keep using GrapeTree and I highly recommend this company to other facilities in need of staff. It has been a 'grape' experience.

LeAnn | Dir. of Community Living | GrapeTree Client

Getting this job with GrapeTree is the best thing that has happened to me this year. Now I can afford to put my babies in sports and put my daughter in dance. They were so excited to hear the news! Thank you for this great opportunity.

Sara | CNA

I rate GrapeTree a 10. We work with the best Staffing Specialist! I couldn't ask for a better direct contact. Our doctors love the assistants that work with them and it has been great compared to other agencies we have worked with in the past. I can honestly say, scheduling assistants was one of my most difficult tasks until GrapeTree came about. Our Staffing Specialist is amazing and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her! I feel like I know her and she is a friend, not just someone behind a screen. Thanks for all of your hard work, we love GrapeTree!

Client Facility

I love that I can pick my own hours, still go to school full-time, do my embroidery business, and help take care of my family!

GrapeTree CNA

I will only allow GrapeTree staff in my building as I believe they send the most qualified staff. Many of the staff members that have been sent my way are people that I would hire.

Sarah | DON | GrapeTree Client

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