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Long Term Care

Ravenna, OH


Estimated Pay

Weekly blended package range is a combination of hourly taxed rate and a weekly untaxed stipend to cover housing and meals. Package amount is based on facility type, specialty, location, and certification of healthcare professional.

$1,200 - $1,400

  • Weekly blended pay package:

Job Description & Requirements

  • Specialty:

  • Discipline:

  • Start Date:

  • Duration (weeks):

  • Hours per week:

  • Shift:

  • Positions available:

  • Home address must be least 90 miles away from the facility to qualify for travel pay rates. This contract is available as a local long-term assignment at a lower pay rate for those whose home address is less than 90 miles away from the facility address.

Long Term Care





12Hr AM or NOC


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