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GrapeTree Elite Club

At GrapeTree Medical Staffing, we recognize and appreciate our healthcare professionals’ hard work and dedication. That's why we created the GrapeTree Elite Club, an exclusive program.

What is the GrapeTree Elite Club?

The GrapeTree Elite Club is an exclusive group of our most dedicated employees. We believe that exceptional dedication deserves exceptional rewards. To qualify for the club, all you need to do is work a minimum of 1,250 hours within a calendar year. Once you become a club member, exciting benefits await you.


Enjoy Free Swag from GrapeTree

As a member of the GrapeTree Elite Club, you'll receive fantastic perks and free swag that showcases your commitment to providing top-notch care. From scrubs to tumblers and other practical accessories, we've got a new item for you each year. Show off your Elite Club pride and let everyone know that you're part of an elite group of healthcare professionals.

A Chance to Win Your Dream Vacation

But that's not all! As a club member, you'll automatically be entered into our yearly drawing for a chance to win a free vacation trip voucher worth $2,500! Imagine the possibilities – a dream getaway to the destination of your choice, completely on us. And the best part? We offer 20 of these incredible vouchers every year, increasing your chances of winning each year that you qualify for the club.


This Could be You!

How to Qualify for the GrapeTree Elite Club

Earning your spot in the GrapeTree Elite Club is within your reach. Simply work a minimum of 1,250 hours (that’s only 24 hours per week!) within a calendar year, demonstrating your unwavering dedication to your residents and the healthcare profession. Once you meet this requirement, you'll automatically become a member and gain access to all the exclusive benefits.

Not a Part of the GrapeTree Bunch Yet?

Join our team of healthcare professionals who have the freedom to build their own schedules, explore a variety of assignments, and make a difference in the lives of residents. Discover the GrapeTree difference and embark on an incredible career journey today!​​

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