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Per-Diem Shifts

Enjoy your freedom by picking up per-diem shifts with GrapeTree.

You Are in Control of Your Own Schedule

Per-diem is another way to say "day-by-day," which means that you can pick up shifts at your local facilities when they need extra hands. Healthcare communities continually have call-ins, crises, or employees taking time off, and these shifts need to be covered to ensure residents and patients receive quality care.

Picking up per-diem shifts is a great option for people from all walks of life – college students who want to pick up shifts between classes and coursework, those who already have a full-time job but want to further supplement their income, or busy parents who have to work around their kid’s schedule.



Top Wages

24/7 Support

Nursing professional self-books into per-diem shifts on a mobile device.

In the Palm of Your Hand

When picking up per-diem shifts with GrapeTree, your schedule is in the palm of your hand! Apply, browse available shifts based on your preferences, book shifts you are committed to working, and enter your time all from your smartphone! ​

Earn the Pay You Deserve



Must have 6 months of experience working as a CNA or STNA.*



Must have 6 months of experience working as a PTA, OTA, or COTA.



Must have 1 year of experience working as an LPN.

PTs & OTs


Must have 6 months of experience working as a PT or OT.



Must have 1 year of experience working as an RN.



Must have 6 months of experience working as an SLP.

Rates include base wage + opportunity to earn more on last-minute shifts. *Minnesota wages and experience requirements differ. Give our team a call at (712) 336-0800 and select option 5 to learn more.

The GrapeTree Loyalty Program

Earn points for every hour you work and redeem them for cash bonuses on your own terms. Plus, you can earn a spot in the GrapeTree Elite Club. Each year, all Elite Club members receive custom swag and 20 lucky winners receive a $2,500 vacation trip voucher!

Referral Program

GrapeTree healthcare professionals can get rewarded with a $250 bonus by referring another healthcare professional to come work at GrapeTree! Know someone who would be a great fit in our bunch?

Join Our Bunch Today!

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