What is travel nursing?

As a travel healthcare professional, you have the opportunity to travel to new states and support healthcare communities in need. It is a big commitment - you will work away from your home for the duration of your assignment. Not for you? We also offer local long-term assignments (4-13 weeks), as well as per diem (day-to-day) shifts in your area!

How long are travel assignments?

Travel assignments are typically 8-13 weeks with opportunity for extensions.

What are the requirements for traveling?

You must be certified/licensed in the state where you will be working the assignment and all state requirements must be completed before the start of your contract.

Your home address must be least 90 miles away from the facility to qualify for travel pay rates. Contracts are available as local long-term assignments at a lower pay rate for those whose home address is less than 90 miles away from the facility address.

What if I want to travel somewhere I am not certified/licensed?

We can help! Once you begin working with your dedicated recruiter, they will provide you the information and help support you through the process.

How do pay packages work?

You are paid a weekly taxable rate, as well as stipends to cover housing, meals, and incidentals. These pay packages are higher than working a local assignment or per diem shift due to you duplicating your living expenses. Package amount is based on facility type, specialty, location, and certification of healthcare professional.

How do I pay for housing?

GrapeTree provides you a stipend and allows you the flexibility to choose your housing based on your preferences. These stipends will be paid out on your weekly paychecks and are laid out in the details of your assignment agreement.

Can I bring my family and/or pet(s) with me on my assignment?

You are in control! Since you will arrange your housing, we recommend you make sure to check with your landlord/host/hotel on any policies regarding your housing.

How often will I get paid?

Our pay week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, as long as your timesheets are submitted prior to our deadline, you will get paid the following Friday.

Timesheets need to be submitted in your Workforce Portal each week by 8 a.m. on Sunday if you wish to be paid Friday (for the previous workweek of Sunday-Saturday). We recommend that you submit your timesheets immediately after your shift.

Where are your travel assignments located?

GrapeTree currently has assignments all throughout 12 states – Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan, Nebraska, South Dakota, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

I’m ready! What do I do next?

Let’s get you started on your next adventure! Fill out the form below and let us know what you’re looking for. Once we receive your submission, a Recruiter will get in touch with you to start matching you with an opportunity!

Travel Assignment FAQs