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Travel Nurse Jobs & Travel Nursing Assistant Jobs

If you're interested in working and venturing away from home, travel assignments are perfect for you! Travel and explore what the world has to offer, all while doing what you do best — providing quality care.

Travel Contract Jobs for
Nurses & Nursing Assistants

Your opportunities with GrapeTree are endless! Along with per-diem shifts and local long-term assignments, our healthcare professionals have the opportunity to travel and explore new areas without giving up a regular income. Travel contracts are 8-13 weeks in length, offer opportunities to work outside a 50 mile radius of your home, and include travel + housing stipends. Mesh your career with new personal life experiences by becoming a travel CNA/STNA, LPN, or RN with GrapeTree!

Our States

We currently offer travel opportunities throughout the states below – but we are still expanding! Check out all of the fun things to do in each of our states and pick your next home-away-from-home.







Great pay

You get the best of both worlds. Earn a competitive wage while exploring your surroundings in your down time.


Live in, make memories in, and explore a new area with every new travel assignment.

travel + housing stipends

We provide you with funds, you find the travel and housing options that work best for you.

guaranteed hours

Your schedule is set from the moment you are booked into a travel assignment with GrapeTree.

Make More With Travel Contracts



Must have 6 months of experience working as a CNA or STNA.



Must have 1 year of experience working as an LPN.



Must have 1 year of experience working as an RN.

Weekly blended package range is a combination of hourly taxed rate and a weekly untaxed stipend to cover housing and meals. Package amount is based on facility type, specialty, location, and certification of healthcare professional. Your home address must be least 50 miles away from the facility to qualify for travel pay rates. Contracts are available as local long-term assignments at a lower pay rate for those whose home address is less than 50 miles away from the facility address.

A travel map of the United States.

Get Certified in Other States

Only certified to work in your home state? No problem! While each state has their own process for becoming licensed, it is easy to get your license transferred. This process is called getting "reciprocity" or "endorsement." Our team has compiled a list of all our states' registries so that you can easily transfer your license. Give our team a call to learn more about getting reimbursed for gaining reciprocity in other states! Click the button below to get started.

The Perks of Travel Contracts


You have the flexibility to choose where you go and what assignments you take on.


Experience higher job satisfaction working in a travel long-term assignment and avoid overtime.


Explore what you love about nursing by working with more people in diverse settings.


Strengthen your experience and build up your resume to show that you thrive in all environments.

•	A healthcare professional exploring the woods stands and smiles at the camera

What People Are Saying

I've been working and traveling with GrapeTree Medical Staffing for about five months now and have loved every minute of it! The communication is great, the pay is excellent and I love how flexible they are! If you are looking for a great company to work for I highly recommend GrapeTree!

Alissa | Travel CNA

Got Questions?
We've Got Answers.

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Our knowledgeable team of Nurse Recruiters are waiting to hear from you! Learn more about our travel opportunities or book your dream assignment by giving us a call at (712) 336-0800 and selecting option 4.

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