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The Life of a GrapeTree Travel CNA: Featuring Traveling Healthcare Professional Harley P.

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

The idea of becoming a traveling healthcare professional can be one full of mystery and intrigue. While it might feel like you are stepping out into the great unknown alone... in reality, that is far from the case! Follow along as Travel CNA, Harley, shares his experience on why he loves being a traveling healthcare professional with GrapeTree. 

Meet Harley

Harley, Travel CNA

The Start of Something Great.

Being a traveling healthcare professional can be a big leap from the standard shifts at one’s local healthcare facility. For GrapeTree Travel CNA, Harley Pietrzyk, the choice to travel came during the height of the COVID- 19 Pandemic. 

“I have been in healthcare on and off for 10 years. What finally made me take the leap was the pandemic. It made me realize that I needed to be out here doing and seeing more. I wanted to get out and help more people.” 

Not only did Harley want to help more people, but he also discovered where he belongs. 

“I have always wanted to travel. It’s where my heart is happiest.” 

Travel assignments are just one of the three exciting opportunities that GrapeTree provides. If you prefer to stay closer to home, check out our per-diem shifts and local assignments depending on where YOUR heart is the happiest.  

Dedicated Support From the Start.

It’s no secret that there are hundreds of other staffing agencies to choose from, but what sets GrapeTree apart specifically is our dedicated 24/7 support staff who are here to assist you every step of your journey. For Harley, that’s exactly what he experienced right from the beginning with GrapeTree. 

“I had just started looking into traveling and was talking to a few other agencies, but GrapeTree was the most persistent and I'm glad they were. After talking to the OnBoarding Specialist, I knew this would be a good fit for me. Everyone I talked to was so friendly.” 

Before embarking on your travel journey, you may have numerous inquiries. However, with the assistance of our dedicated support team, you won't have to navigate them alone.

“The recruiters are always available and attentive. The travel team has been nothing but inviting and encouraging and the facilities have been great,” remarked Harley. 

 At every step of your travel experience, starting from the initial stage of planning to booking your first assignment and beyond, GrapeTree will consistently provide assistance and support.

A Team of Advocates. 

Our rockstar team of dedicated and knowledgeable Nurse Recruiters are basically your own personal cheerleader, always in your corner encouraging you and are here to enhance your experience.  

“I wish other colleagues knew how helpful GrapeTree is to their travelers. They acknowledge their travelers and celebrate their accomplishments. If you are interested in working a travel contract with GrapeTree, get to know your recruiter, they will be your best advocate.” 

For example, your Nurse Recruiter will work hard to match you up with facilities and assignments that you want, helping you find your dream schedule and the perfect mix of work/life balance.  

“I really like that I'm able to work an assignment and take some time off in between those assignments. My recruiter is always there when I am ready to tackle my next assignment or is understanding when I want to wait and recharge.”  

Take Some Tips from Harley.

Travel assignments are often enticing to those eager to explore new areas, however, they may forget about the small everyday matters that make a travel assignment successful. For Harley, finding a routine and staying organized is just as important as the adventures he has along the way. 

“I tend to stay out on the road for a couple assignments now that I've found my routine in traveling. I always have some sort of clothes organizer with me. I stay in hotels mostly and being able to organize your clothes is a small but large improvement on my stays.” 

Another major aspect of traveling is finding housing.  

“Make sure you do some research on your available accommodations and try to get accommodations that are close to your facility. Make sure to also get out and enjoy the views on your days off.”  

There are endless tips and tricks like these on the web for navigating travel assignments. Between your Nurse Recruiter, your own personal research, and through connecting with your fellow GrapeTree travelers, you should feel confident in your journey! 

Become Part of the GrapeTree Family.

There are so many perks and benefits to being a part of the GrapeTree team, but one significant quality that sets us apart is that when you’re on our team, you are a part of our family. For Harley, that’s exactly why he loves it. 

“I have never felt more at home or connected to a family like I have with GrapeTree.”

We are so lucky to have Harley on our team and are always looking for more dedicated travelers to join the bunch. Get connected with a Nurse Recruiter today to get started on your own travel journey.  

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