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Travel Referral Program FAQs

Do I have to work for GrapeTree to refer a healthcare professional? 

You do not have to work for GrapeTree to refer a travel healthcare professional and receive a referral payout. However, you do have to work for GrapeTree to be eligible to receive a bonus for a per-diem referral.

What if the person I referred ends up working per-diem instead of as a traveler?

If the person you referred decides to work per-diem shifts and does not pick up an assignment, their referral will be transferred to our Per-Diem Referral Program when they hit 80 hours worked.

If you are a GrapeTree employee, this means you will receive a bonus as outlined in the Per-Diem Referral Program regardless of the referee’s certification. If you are not a GrapeTree employee and your referral is transferred to the Per-Diem Referral Program, you will no longer be eligible for the referral payout. 

Are referral payouts taxed?

Yes, referral payouts are taxed as a bonus. 

Is there a limit to how many healthcare professionals I can refer?

No, there is no limit! You can refer as many healthcare professionals as you'd like, which means you're eligible for unlimited payouts for each healthcare professional you refer who is hired and meets the payout criteria.

When will I receive my referral payout?

You will receive your referral payout once the healthcare professional you referred works and is paid for working 320 hours in travel assignments. Your payout will be deposited the week after they receive their paycheck for 320 hours worked.

How can I check the status of my referral payout?

To check on the status of your payout, please reach out to your Recruiter via call, email, or text. Alternatively, you can email us at

How will I receive my payout?

Your payout will be directly deposited into your bank account via our payroll system, Paylocity.

How will I be paid for my referral(s) if I am not a GrapeTree Employee?

If you are not GrapeTree employee, you will be sent a W-9 form and a direct deposit form by a Nurse Recruiter so that we can deposit your referral payment. You will also be provided with information on creating an account in our payroll system, Paylocity, to view your payout information and important tax documents for reporting referral payouts on your taxes each year.

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