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Is Working Per Diem Worth It?

Updated: May 3, 2023

Per-diem shift work has become a popular way for nursing assistants and nurses to make a living. But what exactly does it mean to work per-diem?


What Does Working Per-Diem Mean?

Picking up per-diem shifts is another way to say you work "day-by-day" and "as needed." This means your work hours vary week to week and you pick up shifts at local healthcare facilities when they need help due to staffing shortages.


It’s no surprise that per-diem shifts are currently the most popular option among our CNAs, LPNs and RNs, although local long-term assignments and travel contracts are also very desirable! Here are three reasons why per-diem shifts may be the right choice for you:

You are in control of your schedule.

The number one reason healthcare professionals enjoy working per-diem shifts is the flexibility and freedom it allows. You’re able to hand-pick when and where you work, allowing you control over your schedule to match your lifestyle. It’s your life, so why not book a schedule you love?

You have the power to manage your career from the palm of your hand.

Our technology gives you the power to easily manage your career, all from the palm of your hand! Apply, browse available shifts based on your preferences, book shifts you are committed to working, and enter your time all from your smartphone – anytime, anywhere.

You will earn the pay you deserve.

Not only does GrapeTree offer some of the highest wages in the industry, but you have the option to earn even more than your base wage with last-minute shifts. That’s the beauty of working per-diem! It’s truly up to you how much you want to earn based on the number of hours you pick up, making it as full-time or part-time as you decide. Our healthcare professionals also appreciate that they can earn their pay daily and/or weekly with direct deposit. Plus, you have the opportunity to earn extra bonuses through our loyalty and referral programs!

Some of the most common scenarios we hear at GrapeTree and why they love this option are:

  • A college student who wants to pick up shifts between classes and coursework

  • Someone who already has a full-time job, but wants to supplement their current income

  • A busy parent who needs to work around their kid’s schedule

  • A retired healthcare professional who still wants to work a shift here and there

  • Someone who has taken a different career path, but enjoys picking up a shift here and there to keep their license active

It's easy to see why so many healthcare professionals take advantage of a per-diem lifestyle. Are you currently picking up per-diem shifts? Leave a comment to let us know why you love it!


Do you want to take back control of your life? Apply to join the GrapeTree team today in 2 minutes or less and get started on your per-diem journey.

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