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Celebrating National Nursing Assistants Week: We’re Unstoppable!

Happy National Nursing Assistants Week, an exciting time to honor and appreciate the incredible work of CNAs and STNAs. This year's theme, "We're Unstoppable," perfectly encapsulates the spirit and dedication it takes to care for vulnerable individuals. In this blog, we will explore the history of National Nursing Assistants Week, highlight the crucial role of CNAs and STNAs, and provide tips on how you can make the most of this special week. Let's dive in!

What to Expect During Nursing Assistants Week

This year, National Nursing Assistants week is June 15th – 21st. Each year since 1977, the week has been celebrated during the second week of June, starting on Thursday.

Throughout Nursing Assistants healthcare communities come together to express gratitude for the selfless work performed by these compassionate individuals. We have some exciting things planned for our CNAs and STNAs, so make sure you are following along on our Facebook page and checking your email for what’s to come!

A Long and Rich History

Nursing Assistants have long been at the forefront of historical and unprecedented times. The profession has a long and rich history that dates back to the early 1900s. World War I brought about a significant change in the healthcare industry. In 1914, the profession of certified nursing assistant (CNA) was born out of a dire need for more healthcare professionals to aid in caring for wounded soldiers. The demand for CNAs quickly increased as the war progressed, and medical facilities needed additional help to provide quality care to those in need. As a result, CNA training programs were developed across the country, offering individuals an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to become successful healthcare professionals.

As the years progressed, nursing assistants’ unstoppable spirits led them to find new ways to contribute to our country’s needs. Today, CNAs and STNAs play a vital role in the healthcare field. They are the frontline caregivers who provide essential support to residents and help ensure their comfort and well-being. From assisting with daily activities like bathing and dressing to monitoring vital signs and offering emotional support, nursing assistants are the backbone of healthcare facilities.

How to Celebrate the Nursing Assistants in Your Life

CNAs and STNAs play a vital role in our society, providing compassionate care and attention to those who need it most. A simple thank you card, words of encouragement, gifts, or bringing them their favorite treat can be a powerful way to show your appreciation and respect toward their commitment to providing quality care.

How GrapeTree is Celebrating

During National Nursing Assistants week, GrapeTree will be recognizing our Local & Travel Nursing Assistant of the Year Award winners and will be running a giveaway for all of our GrapeTree nursing assistants! If you are a CNA or STNA and want to partake in the celebrations, make sure you are checking your email and following GrapeTree on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to ensure you stay up to date with all things National Nursing Assistants Week!


We are so excited to celebrate all the hard-working and dedicated CNAs and STNAs on the GrapeTree team! Your commitment and the care you provide to your residents does not go unnoticed and we are so proud of you. Whether you have been a nursing assistant for one year or 40, thank you! The healthcare profession is a better place with you in it.

Are you a nursing assistant interested in working for a company that values you? Join our team today and take advantage of our fun National Nursing Assistants Week activities and our endless opportunities!

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