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Experiences at GrapeTree: Hear From A GrapeTree CNA and LPN

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Here at GrapeTree, we have the privilege of working closely with so many amazing healthcare professionals. We understand people are our most important asset and taking care of them both personally and professionally is key to us.

Two of our healthcare professionals stepped in to tell you about their experiences with GrapeTree themselves.

Meet Charita and Shashona

Charita, CNA & Shashona, LPN

A 24/7 Built-In Support System

As a healthcare professional with GrapeTree, you have dedicated 24/7 support. You will have a personal Staffing Specialist who will assist you with any questions you may have, help you find the shifts and facilities you prefer, and be there for you through any issues that may arise.

For GrapeTree CNA, Charita Hentz, a major perk of working for GrapeTree is the ease of scheduling shifts with her Staffing Specialist.

“My Staffing Specialist, Sarah, puts her heart into making my job easier. This young lady has been such a blessing and has made it possible for me to stay afloat.”

Like Charita, GrapeTree LPN, Shashona Brandon also enjoys the personal relationship she has with her Staffing Specialist, Lianna.

“Lianna is so understanding and will go out of her way to get me the hours I want at a facility. She also understands when I am having a crisis with my own personal life and will reach out to check on my well-being.”

Your Staffing Specialist is not only a great resource for shifts but also for getting to know you as a person and healthcare professional, so they can ensure they are assisting you the best they can based on your needs and desires.

A Fit to Last a Lifetime

With over 40 years of experience combined, Charita and Shashona have seen their fair share of changes in the medical field. However, both remain confident GrapeTree is the right fit for them.

“I have found my niche [with] GrapeTree Medical Staffing. I work per diem shifts, and I love every moment of it. I get a chance to see my kids’ activities and I get time to spend with my family,” remarked Charita.

For Shashona, it was more of a leap of faith.

“I heard great things about GrapeTree from a nursing assistant while working in the OR department and decided to give it a try. Six years later and I’m so happy I did.”

Whether through a leap of faith, a referral from a fellow healthcare hero, or simply looking for a change of pace, GrapeTree allows you to take control of your career.

A Stand-Out Staffing Agency Experience

If you were to Google the phrase ‘healthcare staffing agency,’ numerous options would pop up – all offering nearly the exact same opportunities. However, GrapeTree is different, just ask our healthcare professionals. There are many other agencies throughout the healthcare industry, but the personal experience you get with GrapeTree is what makes us stand apart.

“GrapeTree is constantly implementing new things to assist us with enjoying our employment experience. I also believe that the specialist I have actually cares about my well-being, [when] so many other jobs treat you like you’re a number,” remarked Shashona.

When asked what GrapeTree does well that sets us apart from other healthcare employers, Charita had this to say:

“GrapeTree is always concerned about their staff, and they try to make sure their employees are a good fit for the facility before they go in [for a shift].”

At GrapeTree, you are more than just a number to fill a shift, you are valued, appreciated, and cared for.

Take Back Your Work/Life Balance

It’s no secret that flexibility is a top perk to agency life. With GrapeTree, you are in control of your schedule, choosing when and where you work, and ultimately, creating your perfect work/life balance. In fact, Charita has been able to enjoy her life outside of work a lot more by making her own schedule with GrapeTree. Her response to an activity she has been able to enjoy because of her flexibility with GrapeTree was being able to attend her kids’ basketball games.

Like Charita, Shashona also appreciates the flexibility to create her own schedule and work around any obstacles that life may throw her way.

“I was able to take care of my mom while she was in hospice and also take care of my child when she is sick.”

Not only does the flexibility of GrapeTree allow for the unplanned events that happen in life, but also for the planned ones, such as vacations and holidays.

“Being able to have control of your free time without begging to go on vacation is a great perk of working for GrapeTree,” remarked Shashona.

There is no shortage of activities and events you can enjoy with your family, friends, and new-found flexibility that working for GrapeTree provides. More time with loved ones, continuing your education, expanding on your hobbies, and ultimately, enjoying your life to the fullest are all perks of GrapeTree.


Find your fit with a staffing agency that keeps your best interest at the forefront of their mind. Are you ready to join the GrapeTree bunch? Apply to our team today!

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