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Guarantee Your Schedule with Local LTAs.

Updated: May 3, 2023

If you're someone who prefers a set, consistent schedule and income, but doesn't want to travel far from home, then our local long-term assignments may be your perfect match!


What is a local long-term assignment in healthcare?

A local long-term assignment is an opportunity to work at the same facility for 4-13 weeks at a time. This job type guarantees you set days and hours each week close to home.


Our healthcare professionals have endless opportunities with GrapeTree to fit all lifestyles and desires, from per-diem (day-to-day) shifts to both local long-term assignments and travel long-term assignments. Here are three reasons why our LTAs may be the right choice for you: 

Your hours are guaranteed.

Our local long-term assignments are for those who are looking for guaranteed hours close to home. Let’s be real – no one loves cancellations. One of the top perks of local long-term assignments is that those facility cancellations are a lot less frequent, if you happen to face any at all. Sounds great, right? What’s even better is that if the local contract was a great match for you, the facility might even extend the contract to keep you longer! 

It’s a steady work environment. 

LTAs allow for a steadier and consistent work environment. Plus, since it’s close to home, you can keep your regular, familiar routine in addition to committing to this amazing job opportunity! The familiarity and stability also create stronger bonds and builds trust with the residents you care for each day.  

There’s increased relationship building. 

Since you will be at the same facility for a set amount of time, this allows more time spent with the same residents and facility staff. In return, healthcare professionals are able to build and maintain those relationships, often leading to long-lasting friendships.   Even further, better relationships and experiences at work can lead to: 

  • Better engagement and an increase in overall job satisfaction 

  • The ability to focus on exceptional care to residents vs. focusing on negative interactions  

  • An increase in productivity and teamwork  

  • An improvement in resident outcomes and a decrease in medical errors   … just to name a few perks!

As you can see, the LTA lifestyle has many perks for the right person. Have you worked a local LTA? Leave us a comment to let us know your favorite part about it.


Are you ready for consistency in your schedule and better working relationships? Apply to join the GrapeTree team today in 2 minutes or less and get started on your new journey!

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