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Nine Most Asked Questions About Working for a Healthcare Staffing Agency

Updated: Jun 7

Hi healthcare hero! Are you interested in agency life, but still questioning taking the leap? You’ve found the right place! GrapeTree is one of the top healthcare staffing agencies, empowering nursing assistants and nurses to build the schedule of their dreams. We’ve nailed down the 9 most asked questions about working for our agency specifically. Check it out:   

1. What is a healthcare staffing agency?

We like to consider healthcare staffing agencies as match makers. Here at GrapeTree, we specialize in matching Nurses and Nursing Assistants at long-term care healthcare facilities to fill staffing gaps and ensure quality patient care. Whether those gaps are due to staffing shortages, call ins, planned staff leave, or a variety of other reasons, we find the perfect fit!

2. Why do some nursing professionals prefer working for an agency instead of sticking with one facility?

With an agency, you can curate your perfect work schedule by picking the shifts when and where you want! You also typically get paid higher, can create a better work life balance, and have a multitude of assignment options right at your fingertips. Through GrapeTree, we offer:  

  • Per diem shifts → Day-by-day shifts you can pick up at your local facilities when they need extra hands – and you need extra cash.  

  • Local long-term assignments → Perfect if you are looking for guaranteed hours close to home with a set schedule and income!  

  • Travel long-term assignments → Got a bit of wanderlust? Then travel assignments are great for you! Venture a bit farther from home to explore and work in a travel contract in our 12-state radius.  

3. Do I have to leave my current job?

No, you don’t need to leave your current job. We have many healthcare professionals who already have a job but utilize GrapeTree here and there for supplemental income. With GrapeTree, you can create the perfect schedule for you and your lifestyle! There are no minimum or maximum hours a person can work in a week, and you are not required to pick up a certain number of shifts. Not only can you plan your work schedule around your current job, but you can plan it around your planned vacation time, family events, and so much more!  

4. Do I need to sign a contract to work with GrapeTree?

That depends on the type of assignment you choose! For our per-diem assignments, you don’t need to sign a contract. However, our long-term assignments (typically 13 weeks in length) do require you to sign a staffing agreement as a commitment to both the healthcare community and the assignment.    

5. How often would I get paid?

At GrapeTree, you get paid on a weekly basis. Wages are paid out every Friday for work completed the previous Sunday-Saturday. Need cash sooner than that? We offer next day pay as well for a $25 fee! Plus, GrapeTree hires you as a W2 employee, so that means less trouble for you once tax season comes around.  

6. What types of facilities does your agency staff?

GrapeTree primarily supports long-term care settings such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

7. What are the experience requirements of working for your agency?

When it comes to our healthcare professionals, we require a minimum of 6 months of experience for CNAs/STNAs* and a minimum of 1 year of experience for RNs and LPNs. This ensures that we are providing our facilities with the most qualified and competent healthcare professionals to handle any situation thrown their way.   

*Minnesota experience requirements vary 

8. What if I don't like the shift assignment I am working and I want to leave?

You are obligated to fulfill your scheduled shifts and/or your contracts. But that is all part of the process – finding what you do and don’t like about certain assignments. However, the great part about working with a staffing agency is that once you have completed your shift that you weren’t too keen on, you can share with us the reasons you didn’t like it so we can update your preference list and find you better fits in the future!

9. How do I apply to work at GrapeTree Medical Staffing?

Our application process is free for any healthcare professionals looking to join our team! Our quick and easy chatbot application allows you to apply and schedule an interview in 2 minutes or less. Are you ready? Apply today!


A lot goes into hand-picking the perfect career, but with GrapeTree, you have an entire team in your corner ready to help to succeed. If you have additional questions, give us a call at (712) 336-0800 extension 2702 to discuss this amazing opportunity further. 

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