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Explore Traveling CNA Assignments and More with GrapeTree

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Ready to travel and explore within our 12-state region?! If so, our travel long-term assignments are calling your name, traveler. See what the world has to offer, all while doing what you do best – providing quality care.


What is a travel long-term assignment in healthcare?

A travel long-term assignment is an opportunity to expand your horizons and work 50+ miles away from your home address. When picking up a travel long-term assignment, you can expect to be away from home for 8-13 weeks at a time. This job type guarantees you set days and hours each week.


You’ve probably heard about our per-diem (day-to-day) and local long-term assignment options, but fate brought you here, to our travel contracts. If you need another sign that your dream assignment is waiting for you, here are four: 

1. The pay and stipends are competitive.

Get the best of both worlds! Earn competitive pay while exploring your surroundings in your down time. Plus, our travelers are eligible for travel and housing stipends – we provide you with the funds, you find the travel and housing options that work best for you!  

2. There’s flexibility.

As a traveler, you have the flexibility to browse our available contracts and hand-pick the one that’s right for you based on your certification, the city/state you wish to travel to, the pay package, and the assignment start and end dates.  

Want to commit to an assignment, but not certified in that state? No problem! While each state has their own process for becoming licensed, it’s easy to get your license transferred. Our team has compiled a list of all our states’ registries so you can easily transfer your license – and even get reimbursed to do so!  

3. It’s an opportunity to learn. 

Healthcare is constantly evolving! Travel assignments help you gain more diverse experience by working at various types of healthcare communities with peers who come from different geographical areas. Each travel assignment you work at exposes you to different and new policies and procedures and helps you become a more versatile and knowledgeable healthcare professional.  

4. It’s the adventure of a lifetime.

One of the biggest perks of working a travel assignment is, well, the traveling itself! You get to see our country in ways many other people won’t. It’s the perfect opportunity for the adventurous spirit to live in, make memories in, and explore all sorts of new areas. Even ask one of our current travelers, Becca!  

“I have always wanted to travel, and GT gave me the freedom to do so with a flexible schedule and great pay. They made it easy for me to finally be able to achieve this dream of mine!” 

Have you worked a travel assignment? Leave us a comment letting us know why you love it and where you plan to travel to next!  


So, are you in? Complete our quick and easy application today and let’s get you booked into your dream assignment. 

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