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5 Unexpected Perks of Working a Holiday Shift

The holiday season is often a time for joy, gratitude, and togetherness, but for healthcare professionals, the demands of the job don’t take a holiday break. This can sometimes mean sacrificing moments spent with your own loved ones to ensure the well-being of others. While working a shift over the holidays might seem like a sacrifice, it comes with unexpected perks that can make the experience not only rewarding but also uniquely special.

1. Meaningful memories will be created.

Working a holiday shift doesn't have to mean that you’re missing out on special moments. In fact, it often means creating new and meaningful memories with both residents and fellow staff members. Whether it's decorating the facility, sharing stories, or enjoying a festive meal together, these shared experiences can form bonds that go beyond the workplace.

2. You will build deeper connections.

The holiday season often evokes a sense of nostalgia and the desire for connection. By working over the holidays, you get to be there for the residents who may have no one else to spend their holiday with and forge deeper connections with those who may be feeling a bit more sentimental. Your presence can make a significant impact, bringing comfort and companionship to those who may be missing their loved ones. This may also be the last holiday for some of those you care for, and you have the opportunity to make it meaningful.

3. You will bring comfort to residents and their families.

Residents and their families are deeply grateful for the dedication of healthcare professionals, especially during the holiday season. Your decision to work during this time is a testament to your commitment and compassion, and the appreciation you’ll receive can be incredibly heartwarming.

4. GrapeTree will reimburse your holiday meal costs.

Stepping up during the holiday season does not go unnoticed. Both GrapeTree and the healthcare facility will appreciate your dedication and willingness to ensure seamless care for residents. As an extra thank you, GrapeTree will treat you to a $25 holiday meal reimbursement for each holiday you work!

5. You can earn extra money with holiday pay.

GrapeTree and the facilities we work with know how important it is to fill holiday shifts, and many facilities offer time and a half pay on holidays as compensation for missing time with your loved ones. Be sure to check with your GrapeTree Staffing Specialist to see which facilities in your area offer holiday pay!

If you've worked a holiday shift before, let us know in the comments. What were the unexpected perks you experienced?


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