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Embrace Agency Staff to Ensure Your Facility Thrives this Summer

Updated: Jun 6

As summer approaches, your healthcare community will likely see more time off requests start to come through from your internal staff. Whether the requests are for week-long vacations or just one day to enjoy the beautiful weather, your team has earned a break!

At GrapeTree, we understand the importance of maintaining a balanced workload for your team and we can help fill any gaps in your staffing schedule, ensuring that your internal team doesn't get burnt out. Don’t get caught off guard during these absences, let us help!

Fill Your Staffing Gaps with Our Flexible and Reliable Solutions.

When it comes to maintaining high-quality care for your residents, flexibility and reliability are key. Summer vacations and time-off requests can create significant staffing gaps, leaving your facility in a vulnerable position. For over 20 years, GrapeTree has served as a trusted partner to healthcare communities just like yours in times like these. As our partner, you gain access to a pool of skilled and experienced CNAs/STNAs, LPNs, and RNs who can seamlessly fill those gaps.  

GrapeTree’s extensive network allows us to match the right healthcare professionals to your specific needs, ensuring the continuity of care both your community and GrapeTree strive for.  

Here’s a look into the solutions we have in place to make the magic happen:  

Minimize Recruitment Hassles and Costs

It’s no secret that hiring and training internal staff can be time-consuming and expensive. The recruitment process alone – advertising, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and training – can take weeks or even months. We’re all about efficiency here at GrapeTree, which is why it’s our mission to help facilities like yours save valuable time and resources.  

As soon as you see that time-off request come in, submit your upcoming need in your online portal, and let GrapeTree do the work from there! We handle the entire recruitment process, ensuring that only qualified healthcare professionals enter your facility. Our healthcare professionals are already equipped with the necessary skills and certifications, which eliminates the need for extensive training.  

Ready to Make the Most Out Of Your Summer?

Summer should be a time for relaxation, both for your dedicated staff and your residents. Our all-encompassing staffing solutions will ensure seamless operations and high-quality care during this season, will help minimize recruitment hassles and costs, all while maintaining or even enhancing the continuity of care your residents deserve. So sit back, relax, and let GrapeTree take care of your staffing shortages this summer.  


The world of healthcare can be unpredictable no matter the season. Don’t get caught short staffed this summer, partner with GrapeTree today!

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