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Your Holiday Shifts Don't Go Unnoticed

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Holiday season is quickly approaching, which means many people, healthcare professionals included, are planning for travel and taking well-deserved time off work to spend the holidays with their loved ones. This is great, but what about the residents they are leaving behind?

GrapeTree is proud to employ thousands of dedicated, compassionate healthcare professionals who always put the well-being of their residents first. Sure, filling those holiday hours may take away from spending time with your loved ones, or you may have to cancel plans, but there are so many perks you may not realize that come along with picking up holiday shifts. Let's look at just a few...

You Get to be there for the Residents When No One Else Is.

Remember that you’re not the only one missing out on holiday celebrations and traditions. Many residents spend the holidays alone. Because of this, it is common for residents to become depressed or experience loneliness throughout the holiday season. If possible, spend a little extra time with those residents who need the company. Just by listening and uplifting residents with holiday cheer, you’re making a difference and helping to create lasting memories. This may be the last holiday for a few you care for, and you get to be the one who makes it worthwhile.

Your holiday shift doesn’t go unnoticed because those residents see you and feel your love.

You’re Spreading Holiday Cheer.

Holiday season aligns with shorter, colder, and darker days, which contributes even more to the “holiday blues.” As a healthcare professional working a holiday shift, you have the opportunity to make the most of the situation, brightening the spirits of residents, staff, and even yourself! Try dressing in festive scrubs, play holiday music that the residents can enjoy, give out small gifts such as ornaments, or even help to festively decorate around the building. Small gestures can go a long way and those around you will thank you for it.

Your holiday shift doesn’t go unnoticed because those working with you appreciate you.

You Could Receive Holiday Pay, Meaning More Moola!

Both GrapeTree and the facilities we partner with know how important it is to fill not only everyday shifts, but especially holiday shifts due to staffing shortages. As compensation for missing time with your loved ones and spending Christmas at work, many facilities will offer higher wages to ensure their shifts are filled and show extra appreciation. This is facility-specific, so be sure to check with your GrapeTree Staffing Specialist to see if the facilities in your area are offering holiday pay!

Your holiday shift doesn’t go unnoticed, because the healthcare facilities you serve applaud you.

You’re Reminded of Your Blessings.

When you wake up in the morning, you have an amazing job. One where you get to go make a difference each and every shift you work, whether it’s a holiday or not. Start the day with a grateful heart and remember all your blessings.

Your holiday shift doesn’t go unnoticed because you know you’re making a difference.

Thank you to all the holiday heroes. YOU are the reason someone is happy to make it through another holiday season.


Do you enjoy working the holiday shifts? Let us know in the comments or view holiday availability in your Workforce Portal.

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