Frequently Asked Questions for   staffing agencies

How will a partnership with GrapeTree Managed Solutions (GMS) program benefit my staffing agency?

Our supplier partners benefit from a streamlined process with a single point of contact. Our GrapeTree Managed Solutions (GMS) program provides positive industry exposure, expanded staffing opportunities, credential compliance checks, expanded revenue, and reduced sales and marketing costs.

Are bill rates negotiable?

Our GrapeTree Managed Solutions (GMS) program has standard set rates that create equal opportunity among supplier partners. Special circumstances may warrant occasional pricing review.

How will needs be communicated to my staffing agency?

Open needs are automatically sent out in real time via email as they are added to the system, providing supplier partners with timely staffing opportunities. You will also have live access to our GMS Supplier Portal, where you will be able to view availability in your approved areas.

What level of contact will we have with facilities as a supplier partner?

Our GrapeTree Managed Solutions (GMS) program does not wish to limit personal relationships, but we do ask that all business-related communication with facility or corporate contacts flow through GMS to allow for consistency and program integrity. One of the benefits to our system is providing agencies and facilities with one point of contact. To facilitate that benefit to agencies, GMS offers a dedicated operations specialist available, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm CST. We also provide after-hours support to provide suppliers with a point of contact 24/7.

What does your supplier performance support program include?

Supplier performance support is part of our GrapeTree Managed Solutions (GMS) commitment to partnership. The program allows us to provide agencies with performance metrics through dashboards, report cards and quarterly reviews. Top performing supplier partners have the opportunity to expand their programs while participating in a partnership based on culture, innovation, and growth. Suppliers of all levels are also recognized and rewarded every year at our annual supplier summit.

What makes your GrapeTree Managed Solutions (GMS) program stand apart from other service providers?

Our GrapeTree Managed Solutions (GMS) program provides a single point of contact with 24/7 service, and a dedicated supplier technology portal. Our supplier performance support, with focus on partnership and culture, delivers an innovative program that stands apart.

What types of staffing does GrapeTree Managed Solutions (GMS) assist with?

GrapeTree Managed Solutions (GMS) specializes in medical staffing for both per diem and long-term assignment needs.

What experience does GrapeTree Managed Solutions (GMS) have in this field?

GrapeTree Medical Staffing has over 20 years of experience in medical staffing and 15 years of experience in long-term assignment staffing with supplier partners.