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What To Pack for a Travel Assignment

You just booked into your dream assignment in a city you have always wanted to travel to, but what do you pack?! Whether you’ve booked temporary housing for your assignment or you’re staying with a friend, we have compiled a list of essential items you won’t want to forget!

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The very first thing you should do before packing up your belongings is to research the city you are travelling to and figure out the logistics for your trip.

1. How long will you be on assignment?

GrapeTree travel assignments vary in length and are typically outside the 50-mile radius of your home. Make sure to double check the details in your assignment contract, and plan for extenuating circumstances such as extending your contract or going straight from this assignment to the next in a different city.

2. What will the weather be like in your new city?

A simple piece of information you could easily forget is not researching what the weather will be like in the city/state you are traveling to. Before you pack your big puffer parka, ask yourself, do I need this where I’m going?

3. Ask plenty of questions!

The most important aspect of a travel assignment is communication. Communication between you and your recruiter, the facility you are working at, and especially the owner/landlord of where you are staying while on assignment. Be sure to ask questions about your rental’s furnishings and amenities prior to leaving. This could save you from not having any towels at your place or bringing one too many pots and pans.

Packing Checklists:

The must haves:

These are non-negotiable items that will set you up for success on for your travel assignment:

  • Scrubs

  • GrapeTree name badge

  • Comfortable work shoes

  • A copy of your travel contract

  • Driver’s license

  • Car registration and insurance papers (leave in your car at all times)

  • Social security card

  • Copies of nursing certifications

  • Major credit cards, debit cards, and cash

  • Phone numbers for the facility and your GrapeTree Nurse Recruiter

The essentials:

These items will make you feel right at home in your new city!

  • Toiletries

  • Medications/vitamins

  • Every day clothing

  • Shoes

  • Personal electronics

The maybes:

Put these in the maybe pile! Depending on your housing/living situation, you may need to pack these items too!

  • Bedding

  • Towels

  • Cooking utensils

  • Pots, pans, dishes

  • Coffee/tea maker

  • Microwave

  • TV

You may feel a little nervous at times while on travel assignments, but rest assured, you have an entire team here at GrapeTree ready to answer any of your questions, provide guidance, and ultimately, set you up for success during each and every travel assignment!


Have advice for a first-time traveler? Comment your wisdom below!

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